HR Solution

Reducing Risk and Maximizing Productivity

HR Solution

Reliable & Cost Efficiant Recruitment Agency

Personnel Resources & Employments has over 10+ years of experience in the job placement industry. We specialize in hospital, clinical, home, administrative, travel nursing practices and industrial labor. Our commitment and provisions are designed to sustain the success of your company and open vacancies


Inspiring Staffing Solutions

Our flexibility with staffing can be designed to fit your needs. We honor and acknowledge that every company comes with its own uniqueness and fundamental practices. If your vision of staffing needs isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our planning team. We would love to discuss our insights and deliver a strategic plan for your success.
Direct Hire

Solving Recruitment Using Technology

Reliable & Cost Efficiant Recruitment Agency

Personnel Resources and Employment strives to find you the best talent
by using our most up-to-date innovative AI systems and software.

Sourcing the Best

Providing candidates that
support your needs

Partners in Team Building

Partnerships, growth, networking and accountability are imperative to expansion

Volume Hiring

Making sure all requirements are met so candidates are able to start immediately


Our Plan & Working Style

Application Screening & Scheduling

Utilize top-notch ATS tracking system & integrated AI

Employee On-Boarding Checklist

All On-Boarding documents are verified and stored securely

Take Care of Employee's Benefits

Learn how to minimize risks and maximize profitability